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Meet The Panelists;
The Metaverse

1:50 pm - 2:30 pm | EST

David Saffo
PhD Candidate
Computer Science, Northeastern

4th year CS Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University in the Visualization @ Khoury Lab. I am a software engineer and HCI/Info-Vis researcher focused particularly around cross-platform XR collaboration. 

I am researching novel methodological techniques, bespoke interactive visualization tools, and collaboration modalities — in the domain of information visualization and human-computer interaction.  

Current research direction heavily focused on leveraging immersive analytics, in particular virtual reality, and synchronous collaboration to enhance the way data is viewed, interacted with, and understood. 

Det Ansinn
President and Founder
BrickSimple LLC

Det has provided technology business analysis and commentary for Bloomberg Television, BusinessWeek, MIT Technology Review, Talking Points Memo, and MTV. His company’s work has also been featured on Engadget, Joystiq, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, ArsTechnica, <>, GigaOM, MTV, NBC news, Reuters, Rolling Stone, and the BBC. Det is also featured in the award-winning documentary "DATUNA: Portrait of America" for his work with the artist David Datuna and Google Glass.

Ethan Image.jpeg
Ethan Berg
Agora World

Ethan Berg is the CEO and lead visionary at Agora World. Ethan saw the need for more virtually immersive spaces and set out to improve the way we share experiences and interact with each other online. Ethan started designing Agora back in February 2019 during his Sophomore year at Temple University and has transformed it into an open, no-code 3D metaverse ecosystem that brings the user into virtual environments where they can naturally engage with other users and experience real life in a digital form.

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